I'm so glad I got to know these cool guys. Jirka contacted me a while ago with a nice question… she was working with her husband Bram on a new company: Vitrin 112. But a new company needs images, a face. And Vitrin 112 is not just any company. Vitrin 112 designs concepts for… you name it.
They provide a “showcase” for your ideas: they make your concept, idea, brand visible to the outside world. This can range from styling shop windows, making an exhibition stand, designing the interior of a store, ... .

For example, they already designed a super cool stand for my husband's company Black Lining at the tattoo fair in Brussels. Just to say that we have found each other as two enterprising couples! 😉

Jirka wanted a mix of video and photos. But a branding video in which you list which services you offer would not work here at all, because their services do not fit into 1 box. What was important was to catch the right vibe. To show that those two cool guys behind Vitrin 112 are very creative and very rock 'n roll. The personality had to splash off. Because that's exactly what they do for other brands; highlight their personality. By creating tangible things.

In addition to a video, I also made an extensive photo series. Ideal for their instagram and their website. A combination of video and photography is ideal for entrepreneurs! Photos are ideal for the website and in print. And with a video you can very easily show what you stand for and what you offer in a short time. Or do you instantly convey the atmosphere of your company, such as Vitrin 112.

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