the untold

visual branding stories

the untold - Vicky Bogaert

i create


and i want to represent

a new kind of
visual storytelling

of photo, video, illustration and animation

for entrepreneurs,
and artists

i can be a one-stop-shop for
your visual storytelling


the untold
are the stories that already exist in words, in thoughts
but need to be told in images as well.

the untold
are the stories of which you are the narrator
and i can help you visualize them.

CULTUURCONNECT (animation videos)

DEAR JULIA (moodvideo)

PLEISTERPLAAT (animation music video + music record artwork)

BLOOM (branding video + photo + illustration + animation)

ADELAAR (animation music video)

NESHAMA (branding video)

HANNAH (video)

CIRCULAR (branding video + photo)

SLEEN (branding video)

VOOR DE SHOW (branding video + photo)

VITRIN 112 (branding video + photo)

KAREN VAN WINKEL (branding video + photo)

JAN DE KINDER (branding portrait photos)

R E V E L A T I O N S (branding video)

ANGELICA (branding portrait photos)

OKBA (branding portrait photos)


or if you feel like wandering of
into a little, secret room
full of wonder and creative possibilities
take a look


If you want to see more of my illustrations
and want to check out my webshop with postcards
and prints ...

it's time to make magic again

to create without limitations
and to use more imagination

to take visual roads less travelled
and to stand out

visual storytelling should be unique
just as you are

your story is yours only
and it shouldn't look or sound
like everybody else's