we are verbs, not nouns.

My name is Vicky

And i love to create images

with all kinds of visual tools

In 2006 i graduated as a photographer, but i wasn't done learning new skills then. (I'm still not done, i will probably never be.)
So i also studied graphic design and illustration. In the last couple of years i learned videography and at this moment i'm experimenting a lot with animation. Always learning, always playing.

I never felt that only one medium was enough to work with. I want to express myself in many ways and i feel that being able to use multiple tools is an added value. And i really don't understand why people should only offer one service when they master multiple skills. Why we should fit in just one box? Just because it's easier for marketing? There is so much value in looking beyond borders and get the creative juices flowing. Of taking (visual) roads less travelled and being able to offer something else, something more, something different, than what is out there.

"If you always do what you've always done
you'll always get what you've always got."

I love to learn and try new storytelling ways and i love to stay creative. And i just love to do stuff nobody else does.

You decide how i can be of service. Plain and simple. No marketing tricks. No "expert" shizzle.

You simply look at my work. It speaks for itself. If it attracts you, send me a message and tell me your story. I can't wait!

A few things you should
know about me ...


Next to this business i also run a creative studio called "in de Wonderkamer" (in the room of Wonders) where i inspire children and adults to fearlessly unleash their creativity! I chose some famous artists to guide us and use their life and body of work as inspiration.

It is my creative playground where i feel totally free to create whatever i want, without the pressure of working for a client. Or the obligation of creating Highbrow Art. It is fun! It is playful. It is a little world in itself that i wish the real world was a little more like.


I love animals.
I love ALL animals.

That is why i choose a vegan lifestyle. I don't want to contribute in any way to the suffering of animals. It's just as simple as that.
I run my own animal sanctuary: WonderWoodLand. Where i provide a safe and peaceful home for animals that were seized because of neglect. At this moment i am blessed to take care of 35 sweet souls.
Running a sanctuary is a non-paid part-time job that gives me the greatest fulfilment i have ever experienced. But that also means that i only take on a limited number of assignments, so that I have the physical and mental space left to take care of the animals.



The untold filmstills are my personal ode to Cindy Shermans Untitled Filmstills. I love to use these cinematic self portraits as a way to experiment and to challenge myself. They are a means to keep on learning and developing my visual storytelling style. While also telling my own little stories and showing you more about my dreams, hopes, fears and scars.



I only buy secondhand clothes and love to shop vintage jewelry.
If you would see my house, your guess might be that a 80 year old woman lives there. I sometimes think i am an 80 year old woman, in a body of a not 80 year old woman.
I loved visiting my grandmother's house and just look at all the gorgeous paintings, vases, carpets, pillows, ... .
I am for sure a maximalist. I really don't feel at home in a white/beige minimalistic house. I need colour, patterns, flowery wallpaper and a lot of knicknacks everywhere!

Going to a thrift store is my way of treasure hunting. It always makes me so happy to find something beautiful and preloved. And it is a small way to contribute to a healthier planet and the end of mass production and consumption.