This untold story i want to share with you is that of dancer/filmmaker/writer Anneleen.
A story of intimacy, of beauty of skin, of womanhood and the complexity of what that entails. I love this kind of “slow” shoots … making images and in between having a lovely, intimate conversation.

Light is always an extra character in the story.

Dancer/writer/art educator Anneleen asked me for a personal branding portrait shoot. We went to a cosy hide-away in Spa and were blessed with the most beautiful autumn sun.
To me branding portrait shoots aren’t about fashionable outfits and trendy photo locations. I want to peel off that outer layer and show the person behind the brand. In all their vulnerability as well as their strength. I do believe we as customers are becoming more and more aware of our power to somewhat change the world. If we look beyond the superficial and choose to give our money to people and businesses that truly stand for something real, something durable, something necessary we actually do have the power to make things better.

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