the untold story of

Forrest & Friends


"Animals are my friends
and I don't eat my friends."
― George Bernard Shaw

After reading a very sobering article on the meat industry in its current form i decided to become a vegetarian. It wasn't that hard of a step since i didn't eat a lot of meat anyway. The years after i also learned more about the dairy industry and the horrific situation milk cows are living in. So slowly i became vegan. I have to admit that in restaurants there often are vegetarian options, but not always vegan options. So sometimes i still eat dairy products when there is no other option. I understand we are living in a time of change. And change isn't something that always happens fast. I can feel the growing consciousness and that gives me hope. I respect people's choices as i expect them to respect mine. And i don't feel like a radical approach is my way to go. It can be for some, but that's not me.
In just explaining why i made my choice, rationally, calmly and respectfully i notice people are willing to understand. And i don't judge them for deciding otherwise, it is not my place. One can be merely responsible for one's own actions.

The lockdowns gave me the gift of time and introspection. I was able to take stock of what I did, who I was, but above all who I wanted to be.
I didn't want to be part of a culture of more and more and more.
I didn't want to contribute to an industry where it's all about the picture perfect. Where nature is a prop.
I wanted to do something concrete to make a positive contribution to a kinder world. I contacted @friendsforrest to ask if I could possibly use my skills for them. If maybe I could help them spread their message by providing that message with images. And I'm so glad I asked that question then.
Because I often don't find my place in this world, which mainly revolves around money, knowledge and power. And where a lot of people fall by the wayside, time and again. Where the happy few can grow and flourish and the unprivileged just have bad luck. Where people want to put themselves above a system of which they are part. Where animals are victims of horrific practices.
I had two choices: succumb to those thoughts. Or trying to be part of a change. I chose the latter.