Have a look at some visual projects i created for entrepreneurs, artists and organisations.
These include photography work, videography and handdrawn animation.

FORREST & FRIENDS (photos +video)

HOGAR KOKOPELLI (full visual branding)

ENYA HOOYBERGHS (illustrations)

RODE HOND FESTIVAL (aftermovie with animations)

30 CC: Feest van de Oerknal (animation videos)

ANNELEEN (personal branding photos)

CULTUURCONNECT (animation videos)

DEAR JULIA (moodvideo)

PLEISTERPLAAT (animation music video + music record artwork)

BLOOM (branding video + photo + illustration + animation)

ADELAAR (animation music video)

NESHAMA (branding video)

HANNAH (video)

CIRCULAR (branding video + photo)

SLEEN (branding video)

Ceremonie Toolkit van Minn

VOOR DE SHOW (branding video + photo)

Kerst in het kinderziekenhuis

VITRIN 112 (branding video + photo)

KAREN VAN WINKEL (branding video + photo)

JAN DE KINDER (branding portrait photos)

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